It always makes us a bit sad seeing gorgeous blooms end up in the garbage as soon as events wrap up.  They are still so beautiful and full of life however often when the party ends, the tale of the flowers also ends. This is how we started dreaming of different ways to repurpose day old flowers that still have so much love to give!

For anyone interested in our flower repurposing/recycling program, first of all thank you! 

We will gladly pick up any leftover flowers from your event whether it be bouquets, venue décor, centrepiece or other. We will repurpose them, with the aim to extend their life and the joy and beauty they provide. 

We suggest the repurposing them by using one of the following means, however we are open to anything and are happy to deliver anywhere in the city that would benefit from your blooms! 

  1. Donating to a Charity/Organisation of your choice 
  2. Delivering to Old age homes
  3. Donating to an Events